Project work

A project work is usually a written work with a scientific character. To write a project work instructors during the study. In the first or second semester, the lecturer forms groups of 3-5 students, in which each student performs his role within the team. You can also have a project work written as group work: If a project work is performed as a group work, the performance of each group member is usually rated with the same grade. At the end of a degree course, project work is a one-to-one or two-time work, which is recognized when it has passed the ECTS credits provided for it. In most cases, insufficient project work can be repeated once.

Analysis of the question

Like the bachelor thesis or diploma thesis, the project work deals with a specific question that is dealt with in detail, analyzed and discussed. In addition, one describes the applied methods, presents results and draws a conclusive conclusion.

– Apply what you have learned in practice and deepen your topic

– acquire methodological skills in project management, problem-solving methodology, creativity techniques and presentation techniques

– Train and reflect teamwork and collaboration

– Train your initiative, communication and perseverance

Scope and learning content of project work

Depending on the framework and requirements, project work will be different. It is therefore also constructed differently. In general, project work is organized according to the valid rules of project management (initiating, planning, controlling, controlling and completing projects).

Course contents: Project handling incl. Phases of processing such as: Eg project start, project planning and project control; Project implementation; Project institutions (organizational form, roles and committees as well as information and documentation systems); Project management; Change Management and Risk Management.

Have project work written

A project work looks easy at first. Starting a project with other students sounds like an easy job. But the opposite is true. It quickly becomes clear that the project work is a complex course with high demands. To make matters worse, the student must document a feasibility study, interim reports, planning changes and future deviations as well as corrective measures and submit them to the lecturer. Here it is worth using experienced ghostwriters to delegate the documentation to them. Our ghostwriters know how to create a project environment or risk analysis, for example.

The effort of the result documentation is often underestimated. The lecturer usually submits several documents. If you want, you can have all the project work, including power point presentation, written by our ghostwriters.

Attention in group work: In each group there are freeloaders. They let everyone else do most of the work and swim in the river. Here a clear division of labor helps right from the start.