Write a master thesis

In any case, writing a master’s thesis means writing for a lot of stress. After all, if you are already stuck with a leg job at the end of your studies, if you are under the stress of an exam or just do not care about scientific writing, you should think about using coaching. Although the requirements for the Master’s thesis are similar to those of a Bachelor’s thesis, they are more extensive. Consequently, the topic must be edited deeper and more extensive, which is why the effort is much greater.

Write the schedule for the master thesis

Ideally, the topic should be known 8 months before submission. Basically, it is ideal if the topic for the Master’s thesis is already known and has also caused enthusiasm during the study. Together with the lecturer you develop an exciting question. This must be tight enough so that it can be processed within the deadline. As a rule, the topic has to be submitted to the examination office. There you will also receive all formalities concerning the Master’s thesis.

The topic

Many students find it difficult to choose a topic. Therefore, you should think about a possible topic in good time. The following questions help:

– Which study content attracted interest? Is there a topic there?

– Has the topic been chosen already and is there sufficient literature available?

– Does the subject bring new academic insights?

If the student does not find any questions for the master’s thesis, he turns to the lecturer. The supervisor accompanies him during the work and is available for questions and recommendations.

The literature search

If the topic is established, the literature search can begin. This should be started 6 months before delivery. Attention: Many students are getting bogged down here. They look for books and studies like crazy and in the end they do not manage to extract the most important facts and put them on paper. Tip: Make a note of the search terms you entered in the various databases. This is how you avoid redundancies.

The literature research should therefore be started as early as possible, because books are of course sometimes awarded. Either you wait until it is available again. Or you try to get it by interlibrary loan from another library.

The outline

With the literature search you gain an insight into the size of the topic and can already create a first outline.

For a master thesis, the structure is structured as follows:

  • introduction
  • introduction to the topic
  • question
  • objective
  • method
  • demarcation
  • theory
  • data collection
  • research design
  • data collection
  • evaluation
  • discussion of the results
  • ending

The literature review – current state of research

About three to four months before donation you should begin to evaluate the literature. Here are many facing an insoluble problem: You can not read all the books at once. It is easier to note the relevant points in the form of abstracts and to work with them at the end. Or one manages to cite thematically for each thematic sub-item from, for example, 10 books. Here one can then confront individual authors and critically appreciate their statements.

After the literature review, the outline can be refined again. Especially in the case of a purely literary work, additional aspects usually arise here which should be mentioned in the work.

Anyone who wants to conduct a survey should, according to the theory, dedicate themselves to the interview guide. This is submitted to the lecturer and, if necessary, he inserts his instructions. The survey should then be started as soon as possible. For most of the respondents do not respond immediately, but need a reminder.

As long as the survey is running, the rest of the text, ie introduction, theory and research design can already be completed. If this is the case two months before submission, you are really early.

At least one month before submission should be the first rough draft. Attention: One should not come up with the idea to build in quotations or mark them later. After all, no one will find in retrospect the passages in the book from which the text is taken. So always specify the page number and the author and quote correctly.

Final editing

Once the work is written down, it is read several times. Because only then can she get a linguistic refinement. Pay attention to formatting, spelling, punctuation and images. Are they of sufficient quality and labeled?

In the end, one usually inserts the self-declaration of independence. Now the work can be done to print. Who presses it, who can call before in the copy shop. So the binding of the work can be scheduled there and you do not lose two more days.

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